Nie mogę znaleźć odpowiedzi na niektóre zagadki – strona zawierająca odpowiedzi na zagadki z gry The Elder Scrolls: Arena

Dzięki Rollinowi Bakerowi, który napisał następująco w dniu 12 lipca 1994:

Pierwsza linijka/dwuwiersz Odpowiedź
Crushed beneath trampling feet GRAPE
Elvish Mithril and Argonian Silver, crumble I can TIME
From the beginning of Eternity, E
I am the architect of this hall THEODORUS
I am twice as old as three times the age of 108
I come out of the earth, I am sold in the market ONION
I daily am in Elsweyr, and in Skyrim, SUN
I run smoother than any rhyme, WATER
I tie and hold, capture and bind, LOVE
I touch your face, I'm in your words, AIR/WIND
If Cell 3 holds worthless brass, Cell 2 holds the gold key CELL 2
In a marble Hall as white as milk, EGG
More beautiful than the face of your God, NOTHING
My second is performed by my first, FOOTSTEP
There is a thing, which nothing is, SHADOW
Two bodies have I, though both joined in one HOURGLASS
What flares up, and does a lot of good MATCH/TORCH
What force and strength cannot get through, KEY
What is neither fish nor flesh, GLOVE
What is the thing which comes in sheets, RAIN